Hello, Harvey Wood (also known as Harvo) here,

I wanted to come on here and talk about something very personal to me. I like many other people in the world suffer from Anxiety issues, in my case it gives me ‘the butterflies’ to the point I feel sick. As I have stated in the past I am also on the Autism Spectrum, which also contributes to my ongoing anxiety issues.

There are methods to help cope with these issues that I do use however they only calm it down slightly and it doesn’t stop it, in fact, there are stories of famous entertainers also having issues behind the scenes, Frank Sinatra apparently used to vomit into a bucket before going on stage.

So why am I making this post, honestly I don’t know however it’s nice to see that this idiot who talks to a bunny rabbit for a living is human after all, it is also nice to be open and honest as it really does help.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support over the many years, and hopefully, you will continue your support for many years to come.


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