The Harvo Show LIVE


Harvo is bringing his fun variety show to the stage.

This show blends a game show and a magic show together. This show is designed to be performed on a stage, but would make a great show for schools. It contains dancing and also a custard pie or two.

This is show is not suited for events or birthday parties but would be perfect for schools or holiday parks

Punch and Judy

Harvo’s Punch and Judy Show has been performed all over the place including Covent Garden.

His show contains all the characters you expect from Mr Punch, Judy, Joey, Policeman, Crocodile plus many more.

Mr Punch was first seen in 1662 by Samuel Pepys in Covent Garden. 

In fact if you go to Covent Garden and look on the actors church you can see a plaque dedicated to old red nose.

Every year Punch and Judy Performers meet at Covent Garden in London and have a big Birthday Party and in 2013 & 2023 Harvo performed his show there.

Most Punch and Judy Performers are called Professors

Harvo has three different versions of his Punch and Judy Show which would be great for any event. 

At the end of the event Harvo passes around the hat for donations to ‘feed the puppets’

Flopper the Rabbit

‘Flopper the Rabbit’ is Harvo’s Pet Rabbit who does his own show. (Harvo still has a hand in things)

Watch Flopper astound you by performing lots of Magic and make you laugh at the same time. Flopper will also attempt to get his bakers cub badge. He will also attempt the world famous ‘Sawing a Lady in Half’

This show is perfect for nursery children but can be great for older children too.

Seasonal Shows

We also do seasonal magic shows for Halloween and Christmas