Not only do we provide live entertainment but we also create media content.

YouTube Channel

I have a YouTube channel with sketches, short films and documentaries plus lots lots more.

Click the image to head to the channel

Maths Educational Film

We made a fun educational film called ‘Learning Can Be Fun – Maths’ this is suited to ages 0-5 it features Harvo and Flopper and even a guest appearance from Gizmo.

Full of Magic & Silliness this is sure to entertain and educate you

Punch & Judy Live

I released my full Punch & Judy Show from the summer of 2022, filmed in front of a live audience.

An ABC Adventure

Flopper and Harvo return in a new ABC Adventure for ‘Learning Can Be Fun’ 

Harvo & Flopper look around to see if they can find items beginning with each letter of the alphabet