Harvo performs Comedy Magic Shows for all ages. 

He has his Family Magic Show but can also perform a show for adults.

His show contains escapology and grand illusions plus some classics circus entertainment (with a twist)

Harvo has performed at dinner parties for adults and during variety shows and open mic nights.

Watch as Harvo swallows a balloon, picks out a liar, makes someone’s ring disappear,  Pushes a needle through a balloon (without it popping) plus lots lots more

What People Say

“Very entertaining and enjoyable show, well done Harvo. The children were totally captivated and the grown ups were reliving the humour of their childhood. Look forward to the next one.”

“You were brilliant… Sorry if I heckled a couple of times…. Well done.. Fantastic… X “

“A masterclass in owning the stage”

“Very well done Harvey. That really was fun. The tricks were great, that traffic light one particularly bamboozled me and the ad-libs and delivery were spot on.

Harvo does not perform close-up