So you have decided to book Harvo (Thank You)

You may have a few questions that hopefully this page will answer

With all bookings Harvo sends out a contract with pricing and rules and regulations this is both for Harvo’s safety and yours. This will be emailed to you and must be brought to the show.

If you have to cancel a booking for any reason depending on the time some fees will still have to be paid. Also if we are performing outside please make sure there is a plan b because fees would still have to be paid if the event is ‘rained out’. 

Prices depend on what you require at an event.

We offer a small discount if transport for me and my equipment can be provided.

As of 2022 we now accept payment by card and an invoice is available on request.

Punch and Judy

The Punch and Judy show can draw a large crowd so please bear that in mind when choosing where we are at your event.

Please also make sure that we are not next to any loud stalls (bouncy castles etc) as these can drown out the show.

Times for each show can be chosen by you or us but please make sure that the show does not clash with other events.

We have two puppet theatres one suited for indoors and outdoors please let us now before the show which one would be best suited for you event.

Image of a Punch and Judy Show on a large field with a big crowd

Magic Shows

For magic shows we have a backdrop and two tables so please bear that in mind when placing us

We can do up to 3 shows 


Harvo can perform on stage, he can host a show or even do his full one man show.

When booking please state details about the theatre so we can cater our show around you.

We would be happy to visit before the show as well if needs be


You are welcome to take photos of the show and photographers are allowed to take photos of the show however they are NOT allowed to sell photos of the show with out prior permission from Harvo.