Before reading please watch ‘TED’ this blog contains spoilers and I also wouldn’t recommend younger audiences to watch this film. 

So I created a short film called ‘TED’ it’s a ghost story based on the idea of a ‘haunted doll’, I wanted to play the idea more comedically and a bit more realistic. I thought that the character should react in an obvious way. 

This film was recorded similarly to my previous horror film ‘UnEarthed’ where nothing was written down I just ‘improvised’ I wanted to recreate the fun I had when I was younger when I got my first camera. I had a general idea of what would happen and just went with it. 

This film has a title at the start saying ‘A Story by Harvey Wood’ this is more for me than the audience, I love the idea of ‘Anthology Series’ so this is a way my own anthology series in my head. There are a few easter eggs from ‘UnEarthed’ that appear in this film.

I originally wanted the teddy bear character a ‘Steiff’ bear that I knew we had, however, I was unable to find it. So I came up with a plan b, I used my teddy bear from when I was a kid, he even has the name ‘Harry’.

Unlike ‘UnEarthed’ I wanted this film to not have loads of visual effects and editing tricks, in fact, there aren’t any apart from the final scene.


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