So recently I have been looking more into magic. Yes, it is my job however I obviously have a keen interest. Lately, the philosophy has changed and my belief. 
No, I don’t believe in magic and this isn’t me trying to convince you. However, my attitude and my respect has changed. This is me talking about it because Magic is an art form that needs to be documented. 
Recently I went to see Ben Hart in Winchester he is a very successful Magician & Magic Consultant. In his latest show ‘Wonder’ he is the curator of the Museum and he is showing us the exhibits there is obviously more to it than that but you will have to watch the show. 
His show made me have a better respect for the art. Now some people find that magic can be insulting the idea that a magician can sometimes act like ‘look at me I have a skill and you don’t hahahahaha’ However, Magicians lately have hopefully changed that philosophy, Penn & Teller where I think one of the first people to change that. Now a lot of people think they are the ones that just reveal the tricks however they don’t really, they just show the skill behind it. A good example would be their ‘Cups & Ball’ routine where they use clear plastic cups. They aren’t showing you how it’s done they are just showing you behind the scenes, you wouldn’t be able to recreate it if you watch it once, believe me, I tried. 
There is also Penn & Tellers ‘Lift off the love’ routine where they show off how a big stage illusion is done. Now first things first they designed this trick so this doesn’t mean that’s how they are all done. Also, the issue with the trick when it’s not being revealed is that it’s not relatable, before I go on, I know this may seem like I am insulting big stage illusions I don’t entirely have a problem with them David Copperfield has made a career out of big illusions and his own island and I still live with my mother so what am I to say. 
There is actually a big argument among magicians on what is better big illusions or small tricks, Magicians have been kicked off forums (and yes there are magic forums). 
Intimate magic smaller magic that’s simple is a bit more intriguing as it looks trickier and shows the art of magic. However, like I said I don’t mind the big illusions some fool me and some seem exciting, I do want to perform some in the future, in fact, I have a few ideas for some routines, however like I said smaller magic is more my cup of tea. 
Now saying that I am not a fan of street magic shows I find them boring as the point of the tricks is to trick the spectator so I feel like an outsider when viewing plus there are so many street magic tv shows these days it seems like a diluted subject
There is also an argument on revealing tricks now I don’t mind when someone figures out my magic, I am however angry when someone voices these theories and spoils the Magic. If you figure it out well done be quiet. When I went to see Ben Hart, I knew how a few of the tricks were done, however, I didn’t turn to the person next to me and say “hey this is how they are done”, it would have spoilt it for them, I didn’t mind knowing how they were done because I could see his genius skill when doing the method, I can’t explain it but there you go. When I did some magic videos that went online, I had messages with theories on how I did it. I obviously know how it’s done I DID IT! It’s also why I switch the comments off when I do a magic video so people don’t spoil it for other people as that’s not the point of the video. 
Now how does Magic work what is so appealing about Magic it’s the surprise the not knowing the unknown. It’s like a murder mystery when the killer is revealed. 
Now my attitude has changed towards magic and how I present it. My style of performing hasn’t changed but just my attitude and respect toward magic. 
There is plenty more that I can talk about in regards to magic and my love for it however I have gone on long enough.

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