So I thought I would talk about putting a show together. Over the years I have put shows together and I absolutely love it. I have an interest in all sorts of behind the scenes secrets and loved watching behind the scenes documentaries and bloopers etc.

Recently I have put a few shows together, especially during Lockdown.

The first one that I started as more of a side project was the character of Nate this is a puppet character made for adults. I did not want to be directly associated with the character (this is where I interact with the character), I did however want Nate to be able to work with kids on a few occasions so I made him an ‘ex’ children’s tv presenter. One of the main reasons I made the character was so he could do things I don’t think I would be able to do ‘as myself’. I took inspiration from ‘Randy Feltface’ who is a puppet character in Australia who is made for Adults and also does stand up. However this character has not had much promotion over the years because as the ideas develop you begin to doubt and change your mind with ideas, this basically means I am not 100% with the idea. This is a show being created ‘on the side’.

A show which I haven’t spoken much about is the Flopper show. This is a puppet magic show suited to younger children. The show has been in development for a very long time and I used Lockdown to finally develop it further and am happy to say a lot of progress has been made. In fact his set has been built and photos will be released soon.

I also started work on a Christmas puppet show callled ‘The Snowman Competition’ this started after I bought a puppet with a ‘gimmick’ and thought I could develop a show around it. However because of lockdown I am unable to perform in front of an audience so I intended to live stream the show on Facebook and YouTube, but I felt the show wasn’t ready so I am saving it for next year.

The way I usually put my shows together is using improv techniques. I don’t like writing scripts as it sometimes ‘puts you in a box’ and it can discipline you to much and you could lose ideas. I am not saying its the easier method it is actually alot tougher and takes alot longer. Bascially I come up with the basic idea and plot of the show then improvise this over and over again until I am happy with the outcome.

I thought I would talk breifly about my one man show ‘The Magic of Laughter’ this is what I call a ‘developing show’ as the show changes all the time I add bits and takes bit out constantly no two shows are ever the same.

So thats a basic outline on how developed some of my shows if you have any questions feel free to comment them below and I will try my best to answer them.


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