Harvo’s Punch and Judy Show has been performed all over the place including Covent Garden.

His show contains all the characters you expect from Mr Punch, Judy, Joey, Policeman, Crocodile plus many more.

Mr Punch was first seen in 1662 by Samuel Pepys in Covent Garden. 

In fact if you go to Covent Garden and look on the actors church you can see a plaque dedicated to old red nose.

Every year Punch and Judy Performers meet at Covent Garden in London and have a big Birthday Party and in 2013 Harvo performed his show there.

Most Punch and Judy Performers are called Professors

Professor Harvo with Mr Punch and Judy inside the Punch and Judy booth

Professor Harvo’s Punch and Judy Show can be suited to your special event, wedding reception or any event you can think of.

Harvo has three different versions of his Punch and Judy Show which would be great for any event. 

He can also do a little bit of magic before the show starts. 

At the end of the event Harvo passes around the hat for donations to ‘feed the puppets’

Harvo has also developed a show suitable for schools

This is where he can teach the history of Mr Punch and also gives a glimpse behind the scenes. 

It also of course includes a show.

This show doesn’t have to be for schools and it can be done for adults as well